The concept was simple – a mini projector.  But it’s been done before and they outcome is rubbish. BenQ took the approach that a mini projector shouldn’t be a micro projector, just a smaller version of what they do best and it’s called the GS1.

At $999 it ain’t cheap, so this really is for a person who needs to project a lot and are on the road, or for a family who love getting out and about and love watching movies or other streaming content.

So let’s assume the price hasn’t put you off – you reckon you want a good portable projector that much.  Here’s the thing, this is a cracker.

The GS1 is sensational, comes with all the cables you need, a little carry case, the battery pack, a silicone protector case – it’s got everything you need.

Nope, the sound from it ain’t great. But really, this is for sales exec doing presos, or perhaps more importantly camping or travelling a lot as a family.  Set it up, play your content.

I opted for a HDMI connections at almost all times.  Sure there are USB options and even a built in android based operating system, but it’s not for the average Joe.

The OS requires a bit of skill, plus the remote isn’t great for typing.  Add a keyboard sure, but who’s carrying a keyboard around with a portable speaker.

I was stunned at how good the image was, bright enough for sure to give a great viewing experience on a dark night or in a dark room – a bit of a struggle in a brighter room but AOK for presentations.

Three hour battery life seemed on point to me, I got to pretty close to three hours on various occasions, but more often than not didn’t need it on for that long to be honest.

I’m not sure it stacks up on the value for money scales unless you really know you need it – but if you do, I reckon this is one hell of a portable projector – it’s like a full size beast went through the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” machine.

Even the sensors to adjust the projection angles were amazing.  It impressed me over and over again, I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”BenQ GS1″ rev_body=”A fantastic portable projector with great features, built in smarts, a good picture, and only let down by its price” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2018-04-13″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]