I’ve long been a fan of the Beoplay range of sound products, taking some of the stunning best from Bang & Olufsen when it comes to sound, and putting it into younger looking style of product – and in this case, the Beoplay P6 Bluetooth speaker.

A heavy little unit, this “anodised and pearl blasted” aluminium shell is dotted with holes in the Beoplay style, and sits quite large on the desk standing about 17cm tall but rather simple curved edges with nothing fancy to make it stand out – it fits in in almost any environment.

Sound wise, Beoplay describe it to have a 360-degree sound dispersion, and in a reasonable sized room there is no doubt it fills the room, however if you’re using it as a personal speaker you will want one of the larger sides pointing at you – the side just seems to lack something because you really do need a few meters distance to create that dispersion.

The products designer Cecilie Manz describes this approach well “With Beoplay P6, we redefined the archetype of working with aluminium by pushing the physical limits of the material, highlighting the three-dimensional shells and its hole pattern as much as possible. This detail gives a distinctive character, such that the sound is spread evenly and shared with people around you in all directions. The shape caters to the two main ways Beoplay P6 can be used – standing in that special spot in your home, and portability when bringing it with you,”

A single button between the power, bluetooth and volume controls is a multi-function for pause/play, double press for next track triple for previous and will also work for Siri and Google Assistant when held to press.  Many features are enhanced through the Beoplay App offering decent levels of control.

I perhaps prefer the Beoplay sound profile above many others because it doesn’t really preference the bass or otherwise – it feels a very clear, crips and rich sound.  Even at full blast the sound up close is clear and crisp – very impressive.

They claim a level of on-board brains that allow for sound and power management and with a claimed 16 hour battery life it’s certainly packing a punch.

As with all Beoplay products, the price sets it into a new level and this P6 is no different – at $599 there’s a lot of more affordable speakers, but the P6 really impresses in both design and sound.  Well worth it.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Beoplay P6″ rev_body=”A beautiful design, sleek look, superior sound quality with rich and crisp full tone sound – this is a high priced winner” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2018-05-12″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]