One of the problems with online shopping when compared to bricks and mortar is the additional cost of products when you factor in delivery. No More, as eBay launches their membership program eBay Plus in Australia.

For an introductory price of $29 per year, eBay Plus members will receive free delivery and returns on over 15 million eligible products.

Starting in Mid-June Aussies get their first taste of online shopping premium subscriptions – something Amazon has made a huge success of with their Amazon Prime service in other markets.

More than one third of Aussie online shoppers spend more than $71 on delivery each year, making the $29 annual subscription a bargain – although it does require you to shop at eBay and that $71 may be spread across other sites.

One in Ten people will see extreme value, because they spend more than $2002 each year!!!!

eBay Australia’s boss Tim MacKinnon sees this as a game-changer for Aussie shoppers “We know our customers love the value and convenience of online shopping but our research shows the cost of delivery can stack up over time,“ MacKinnon said.

“eBay Plus is the ultimate shopping membership. It’s like getting free delivery from your local shopping centre without leaving home. You sign up to eBay Plus and receive free delivery and returns on 15 million items from tens of thousands of Aussie retailers including Myer, Target and Chemist Warehouse.

“With exclusive deals, double flybuys points and premium service, eBay Plus provides the best of Australian retail in one feature-packed membership, without the worry of delivery and return fees.”

After the introductory period, an eBay Plus membership will set you back $49 per year.