Thousands of Aussies love Aldi, in particular the brands Special Buys. Well here at EFTM we’re now in a position to give you a sneak peek into that product you may have your heart set on. In this instance I’ve been using the Stirling Espresso Machine priced at a temping $299.00 for a week or so prior to it going on sale May 25. 

Coffee machines are prolific these days as we look to recreate the perfect brew at home. For me there’s three types of coffee drinkers, those who are more than happy to settle for a cup of instant, or the convenience and consistency of Nespresso style capsules and finally people who invest in a decent machine, which in many instances can cost thousands of dollars. 

But for those who can’t afford the higher-end options but still want to take part in the physical making of a coffee, such as picking your favourite beans and even guiding them, tampering the coffee and steaming your own milk Aldi has offered up a very good value option. 

The Stirling STR-18580 Espresso Machine is an attractive looking unit. The classically designed machine looks the goods and is also not overly big as some others tend to be. With a round pressure gauge dial, 2.1L water tank, single or double shot buttons, steam wand plus a cup warmer and included stainless steel milk jug Aldi has certainly crammed in some value. 

It has a 19-bar pressure pump and all the bits and pieces you’ll need to make an espresso or cappuccino. So how does this budget machine actually preform. Well to be honest, just fine. I’d suggest espresso drinkers will get more from this machine than those who like milk in their coffee. The steam wand performs just fine, it just takes a little longer than some other machines I’ve been using recently to heat and froth the milk to a desirable consistency and temperature.

The actual extraction process is very good indeed, the layer of crèma on top of my morning shot was just as good as any other machine I’ve tried lately. The only drawbacks I can think of are the fact tampering your own coffee into the filter is often a messy affair and you’ll want to clean the milk wand well after every use, which is best practice anyway.  

At $299 and backed by a three-year warranty I’m tipping The Stirling Espresso machine will fly of the shelves.