With EA and Microsoft out of the way at E3 this year, the game developers were given a chance to shine. Some good, some bad and some aggressively average – take a look.


There are no other words to describe the Bethesda conference outside of absolute insanity. Firstly;

Elder Scrolls VI

The announcement no more than a 35 second video of a landscape with the words “Elder Scrolls VI” written across the screen, but that’s all we needed. The Elder Scrolls series has debatably been one of the best of all time. I’ll continue to argue the V: Skyrim was the best RPG game I’ve ever laid my hands on. While we don’t know much at all about Elder Scrolls VI, the hype is incredibly real.

Fallout 76

The latest in the Fallout series, 76 will be a prequel to all the other games, set in West Virginia. With all new monsters, a dynamic weather system and a map 4x the size of Fallout 4, this game aims to please.

One thing that has the community talking is that the game will be entirely online – meaning that when you’re playing you’ll be with dozens of other players on the same map. Players that you can attack and that can attack you, nuclear missile sites that can be accessed by all and the ability to build with the burden of defending said building against others. Bethesda believe the game is best played in this online, multiplayer mode but have also announced that you will be able to play solo.

Fallout 76 is set for release on the 14th of November, so gear up. Some of the others from Bethesda include;

Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Elder Scrolls Legends (card game), Elder Scrolls Blades (mobile), Prey and Starfield.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The best of Ubisoft this year looks to be the new Assassin’s Creed game, Odyssey. This iteration will be set in Ancient Greece during the war between Athens and Sparta. Odyssey is promising to give a lot more control to the player than ever before, with ingame choices and interactions shaping the flow of the game – something we really haven’t seen out of the Assassin’s Creed series before. From what we’ve seen today, players will experience land and sea combat as well as fighting in giant war-esque battles. I’d offer the trailer up, but the gameplay is much more exciting

You can expect it October 5th! Other title releases from Ubisoft include;

Beyond Good and Evil 2, Transference, The Division 2, Skull and Bones, The Crew 2 (Free to play) and Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3

We got a first glimpse of Kingdom Hearts 3 in the Microsoft conference earlier in E3, but this game looks fantastic. While I’ve never personally been a big fan of the franchise, I’ve only heard exceptional things from others who are – and boy are they excited… The game is looking to crossover with worlds from; Tangled, Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Frozen, Monsters Inc, Hercules, Pirates of the Caribbean and a few others.

The release is set for January 29th, 2019 on PS4 and Xbox.

Just Cause 4

Coming in as the latest in the mindless violence series that is Just Cause, #4 will boast the largest map of any JC game to date. The worlds of JC have always been extremely interactive, and now Square Enix have decided to include extreme weather elements that too will impact the world around the player. Outside of updated graphics and a few gameplay tweaks, there doesn’t seem to be all that much in the way of new content from this instalment.

Other titles to come from Square Enix are;

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Babylon’s Fall, Nier Automata: Become as Gods Edition, Octopath Traveller and The Quiet Man