Regardless of who you are, following the press conferences by Bethesda and Square Enix is no easy task. Sony dove into their announcements with a familiar tune on the banjo, the theme song to a fan favourite;

The Last Of Us Part II

Now if you never played the first game, I wouldn’t be kicking down the shutters of EB Games to pick up this title. But for those among us that did enjoy the first, you’ll love the look of this. Brought to fame by popular YouTubers, The Last Of Us is a survival game with extensive cut scenes that make it almost an interactive film. This latest iteration has already demonstrated stunning graphics, an updated combat system and new AI mechanisms.

It may not be every geeks cup of tea, but you can’t argue that Sony have made a very interesting series with The Last Of Us.

Death Stranding

If you’ve seen the trailer for Death Stranding already, please, PLEASE explain it to me. If you haven’t;

Okay, so what do we know? You play as a courier of sorts in a dystopian world of sorts with…. Monsters? Or ghosts? It’s anyone’s guess. And what was up with the baby in the tank? Regardless of having entirely no idea what this game is about, I’m not alone in being incredibly excited for it. It’s the latest by developer Kojima Productions (who gifted us the Metal Gear series) and it has the community begging for more. All we really have to go off is the quote from the trailer – where the protagonist Sam says that (he’s) “Just a delivery man”. Keep your eyes open for more on this intriguing game.


Wow. This game looks unbelievably psychedelic – a crossover almost between The Matrix, Inception and some really hard drugs. The third-person perspective only adds to how trippy the experience is. The protagonist, Jesse is the new director of ‘The Bureau of Control’ – which deals with supernatural enemies. Have a look;

Much like Death Stranding, I’m not sure what to think other than “take my money”. The telekinesis based combat looks exceptional and an incredibly fun way to play. The closest we have to a release date is 2019 – keep your eyes peeled for the latest

Ghosts of Tsushima

Look, I’m not the type of guy to prematurely crush dreams – but from what I’ve seen of Ghosts of Tsushima, for mine it’s a Japanese Assassin’s Creed. While it looks visually exceptional and may be open world, the combat, movement, stealth modes and playstyle of the game are all incredibly reminiscent of the AC franchise. Don’t take my word for it, let me know what you think;

I hope you skipped the corny flute introduction… Sony got a little theatrical… Ultimately, Ghosts of Tsushima won’t be anything groundbreaking or otherwise special, but if you’ve already finished all Assassin’s Creeds games – have a crack.

Some of the others from Sony include;

Trover Saves the Universe, Nioh 2, Spiderman and Deracine.