Not a great start to the FIFA World Cup for Australia’s biggest new player, and that’s not one of the Socceroos, it’s Optus. After securing the rights to all the games in a deal with SBS the big event seems to be falling flat with viewers.

Social Media is buzzing with wannabe viewers encountering problems with the Optus stream of the World Cup tonight and it’s not the first time Optus has had these issues.







Interestingly though, many users have found a simple work-around – rather than using the Optus Sport app, if you download the 2018 FIFA World Cup app by SBS – the streams work fine!

Strange, but true.

Optus’ experience setting up this new entertainment and media business has not been a smooth one, yet this is many say – the future of live sport.  Lots of bugs to be ironed out before traditional broadcast loses its place in this game.