In the middle of the biggest controversy they’ve experienced since launching themselves as an “entertainment business” – Optus is under fire for their poor technical standards and lack of reliable World Cup streams, and there’s a warning for Optus customers.

Optus home broadband and mobile customers have one big advantage over the rest of the country when streaming English Premier League and FIFA World Cup games via the Optus Sport app – they don’t get charged for the data.

But with their streams failing and social media in meltdown, the main recommendation from Optus themselves and other users was to switch to the SBS FIFA World Cup app where the streams are separate, and very much reliable.

Problem is, those streams are not unmetered, so every minute you watch is coming off your data allowance. That could be hundreds of MB per game, almost a GB in some cases, so it’s a real concern for people with low data limits.

So be warned, your World Cup Viewing could be costing you more than you had expected.

Though, with this drama entering its third day, I’d anticipate Optus waiving all data fees at the very least as compensation.