Charge your smartphone five times without hitting a power point? That’s what’s possible with the new addition to the Belkin Pocket Power range.

At under $80 it packs 15,000mAh of power, and can charge two devices at a time.

Putting that amount of power in perspective, a traveller heading for a weekend away – even a long weekend away could charge the Pocket Power, take it and a cable, and never need to find a wall socket to juice up your phone.

  # of times it will charge an iPhone 7 Additional hours of call time Additional hours of web browsing Total output Multi-port
Pocket Power

5,000 mAh

1.5x 19+ hours 11+ hours 2.4A N/A
Pocket Power 10,000 mAh Up to 3x 25+ hours 21+ hours 3.4A Yes
Pocket Power 15,000 mAh Up to 5x 43+ hours 34+ hours 3.4A Yes

Thicker than it’s smaller capacity siblings it’s still a very sleek unit well worth a look.  You’ll find it for $79.95 at Belkin online, or JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Myer and others.

Key Features

  • 15,000mAh battery
  • 5V 3.4 amp total output quickly charges devices
  • 5V 2.0 amp total input recharges battery quickly
  • 2 x universal USB port
  • Built-in safety features protect the device and the consumer
  • Micro-USB port charges battery pack quickly and efficiently
  • 6” micro-USB cable included
  • 4 LED indicators display remaining power level
  • Plastic casing provides a lightweight solution
  • $2500 Connected Equipment Warranty guarantees the safety and protection of your devices