Telstra got into some hot water a month or so back when they began advertising “Unlimited” data mobile plans, so they pulled the pin on them.  But with a new look Telstra about to roll out after CEO Andy Penn’s new strategy announcement we can reveal that it seems clear Telstra is doubling down and bringing back the Unlimited Data!

When it was announced just one month ago that there would be staff cuts and sweeping changes at the Big T there was one other thing mentioned – that being a “Simplify Product offering”.  Going from something like 2,000 plans down to just 20 core plans.  Sounds good?

We’ve obtained copies of what we believe to be Telstra’s new pricing plans for Mobile, Business and Tablet and there’s some gold in there.

Small Medium Large Extra Large Ultimate
$ (24 Mths) $59 $79 $99 $129 $199
Included Data 3GB 10GB 30GB 60GB UNLIMITED GB
”Peace of Mind” Data +$10/mth +$10/mth +$10/mth +$10/mth
this means your allowance is used, then any data after that is capped at 1.5Mbps speed
Extra Data +$10/GB +$10/GB +$10/GB +$10/GB +$10/GB
Calls & Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Unlimited Data?

As we mentioned in the headline, it appears Unlimited is back.  The problem with unlimited before was the perception that it wasn’t really unlimited – instead there was a point to which your speed would be reduced, so you’re not really getting the full service “unlimited”.

In these new plans the top tier consumer plan has a massive $199 monthly cost, but comes with “UNLIMITED GB”.

There is a simple “dash” or “not available” next to the options of “extra data” and “peace of mind data” so that tells us you simply can’t be charged more, and there’s no slowdown for you!

Peace of Mind Data?

This is a term used by Telstra when they first launched Unlimited – but now, they’ve made it part of the product extras.  For $10 a month on their four main plans (not the one above), you can “buy” “peace of mind” by ensuring that your speeds slow, instead of you being cut off or paying for extra data.

Your other option is to not take that peace of mind, and simply pay $10 per 1GB for extra data.

How Much Data?

The entry level $59 plan now has 3GB of data which is up from today’s inclusions, the mid-range plans stay the same but the extra large plan goes to 60GB of data.


All plans come with Unlimited calls and texts to Aussie numbers.


Their day passes remain, with $10 a day for unlimited calls and texts and a couple of hundred MB of data, while the higher “extra large” and “ultimate” plans come with 2 and 10GB of roaming data respectively.

There are also international call inclusions from Australia for most plans or available.


There are three new tablet data plans too, starting at $19 a month for 2GB of data, through to $59 for 25GB of data.  That top plan also gives you “peace of mind” data so you are slowed after the 25GB usage.


Business plans mirror the pattern of consumer plans, but without the unlimited offering for data.  They do go from 2GB up to 180GB of data.


No word on the launch date, but with this information starting to be printed, we would expect staff training to be underway and an announcement imminent.

Our Take?

Certainly not too little too late, but it’s hardly revolutionary.  $199 would be such a small handful of people it’s just ridiculous, and the data offerings aren’t going to draw customers from Optus and Vodafone. That said, it’s simple enough, and in the minds of many Telstra Customers it’s revolutionary enough, to probably keep them loyal.

Shop around folks, there’s a big wide world out there.