Telstra has this morning confirmed the new mobile plans which we revealed yesterday which they say allow customers to “say goodbye to additional data fees”.

These plans are the first consumer facing changes to the big Telco under its recently announced Telstra 2022 strategy.

Telstra CEO Andy Penn spoke of the need for change in their plans “With data traffic on our mobile network growing at 50 per cent year-on-year, our customers are doing more and more on their devices. We know Australians often curb their smartphone use when they near their data limits and this holds them back from doing many of the things they love like connecting with friends and family on social media and streaming music. We’re ending this frustration with the introduction of Peace of Mind Data which makes excess data charges a thing of the past,” Mr Penn said.

“From enthusiastic smartphone owners to parents giving young family members their first mobile, Peace of Mind Data provides the confidence that they can use their phone or tablet and never incur additional data fees in Australia.”

The BYO phone plans are also updated today, and while attractive from the view of someone who’s only ever used a Telstra plan, they lack data when compared to Optus and Vodafone

The new 24 month contract plans to be used with a mobile contract are as we reported yesterday: