What’s a customer worth? $205.20 it seems. Well, that’s an idiots guide to things after Amaysim announced today they’ve aquired the 77,000 mobile customers of OVO Mobile for $15.8 million.

OVO and Amaysim both operate on the Optus network, so there’s no change in coverage or usage for customers at this stage, but, as happened with the 41,000 Jeenee customers recently, it’s likely they will be slowly migrated to Amaysim sub-brand Vaya or encouraged onto Amaysim plans.

Amaysim CEO Peter O’Connell said, “The acquisition of OVO Mobile’s subscribers is further evidence of the execution of our strategic initiative to grow the recurring mobile subscriber base, both organically and through bolt-on acquisitions.

“Under our asset-light operating structure, we are able to scale the subscriber base with no, or nominal, additional resources, delivering positive future earnings from the acquired base.”

“Having completed the integration of Jeenee Mobile in less than three months, we have the skills and experience to accomplish an efficient and successful migration and we look forward to welcoming OVO customers to the amaysim family.”

Amaysim will have a job ahead to retain those OVO customers, many of whom may have joined OVO for their sports coverage – which, while limited to small sports, may be a loyal customer base. That said, as long as deals are similar, most people won’t run away just because of a change like this.