Overwatch is having a free weekend!

To celebrate the ‘Summer Games’ event currently underway, Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment are putting on a free weekend starting Friday, August 24th through until Tuesday the 28th! A free weekend essentially means anyone on Xbox, Playstation or PC can download and play the game for free – like a trial.

Players will have access to all of the normal characters, maps and features, including the Lucioball gamemode. This is a complete and full trial for anyone that hasn’t already picked up a copy.

Free weekends are always massive events both for the general public (who get to have a crack at a new game) and for the existing fans who have a large surge of new players to take on.

You can download Overwatch from the application, the Playstation store or the Microsoft store. Have fun out there!

Overwatch is having a free weekend!
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