Big is better they say, and for some reason that might just be why they’ve been holding out for something like the iPhone 14 Plus. On Sale tomorrow from $1579 the market here is for those with phones going back a few generations that just want the bigger screen.

For owners of an iPhone 8 Plus, the new iPhone 14 Plus is the same size in the hand as your current phone, just that now you get a staggering 29% more screen real estate. And for those with say an iPhone XR, 11 or 12, there’s 22% more real estate by opting for the 6.7 inch screen over the 6.1 inch.

Of course, there’s lots of people still rocking iPhone 6, or iPhone 7 and 8 in the basic standard size, this thing gives you 76% more screen.

Thats obvious, it’s a big phone.

Apple has chosen to launch the iPhone 14 Plus instead of a mini in the 2022 range, for those of us that love a smaller screen – that’s a big disappointment, though the previous generation mini phones can still be found.

Clearly Apple has had demand from customers for the 6.7 inch screen, but those that aren’t prepared to shell out the $1,800 or more for the Pro Max models.

With the iPhone 14 Plus you get all the same performance as the iPhone 14, with a larger screen and bigger battery. Thanks to the screen not being 120Hz Pro Motion, it has a better battery life.

While the charts say it has less video playback time than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, that’s ONLY if you’re doing just video viewing. In normal use, the iPhone 14 Plus will offer the best battery life of any iPhone to date.

Around the back, the camera improvements make this a step up on the iPhone 13 in low light and image processing, but the real step up is again for those coming from older iPhones.

Make no mistake, that’s the market for this phone – older device owners.

It’s a shame Apple has not supported WiFi 6E on it’s 2022 devices, that puts them behind Samsung in a big way in terms of connectivity and is a strange one.

For those seeking a bigger look at things, the Plus sized phone paired with software accessibility features like the text zoom is the ideal device. Text Zoom can be enlarged across the entire operating system, or on an app by app basis, and is a real winner for those of us with diminishing eye sight:)

Great performance, great power, great camera, just lacking the Pro features of the additional zoom lens and that newer A16 Chip.

Bottom line, it’s an iPhone 14 – just bigger:)

Available from tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if the Plus outperforms how the Mini has gone in recent years, is bigger better?