We’ve been wearing Face Masks for over a year now, and the most frustrating part about them isn’t the glasses fogging up – it’s that your iPhone won’t unlock with a Face Mask on. Well, that’s about to change with Apple introducing Unlock with Mask in an upcoming release for the iPhone operating system iOS.

Currently in the testing phase, iOS 15 introduces the option to “Use FaceID with a Mask” – and it works a treat!

Basically, Apple makes it clear that using this system is less secure than normal FaceID – saying “Face ID is most accurate when it’s set up for full-face recognition only. To use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognise the unique features around the eye area to authenticate.”

That’s because with FaceID the iPhone is able to see all parts of your face for complete and highly accurate identification. Removing a large part of the face and basically using “Eye and Forehead ID” is no where near as accurate – but let’s be honest, we’re all keen for it because passcode unlock is a pain in the arse, particularly with ApplePay.

iOS will also tell you that FaceID with a Mask won’t work with Glasses, you’ll need to separately scan your face again with Glasses on, with iOS then registering your glasses as another face option.

Importantly, this will not work with Sunglasses. Removing the detail of your eyes and eyebrows likely hidden by sunglasses makes identifying you way to sketchy so that will not work.

It’s a great addition, and while we all can’t wait for it to disappear and get back to normal, it will be welcome by iPhone users when it rolls out publicly in the weeks ahead.