The Sony 1000XM range of noise cancelling headphones have a reputation that precedes them. Those in the know firmly believe they dispel the common belief that Bose lead the charge in this category. Well we will know soon enough because EFTM has managed to secure a set that will hit Australian stores from September for $499.95.

The third generation 1000XM3 headphones are the newest arrival for the 1000X family. A boosted noise cancelling processor known as QN1 is claimed to have four times greater performance than its predecessor. I don’t know about four times but upon activating full noise cancelling mode one thing becomes instantly obvious, they’re surely the best. But then again the Bose QuiteComfort 35’s do attract a sizeable cheer squad.

To make a big statement like that a couple of things need to be considered. Firstly, they go beyond the noise cancelling race to the top. Sony also throw in touch sensitive swipe controls on the right cup allowing for volume control, track selection, Siri and Android integration and the ability to cut noise cancelling, bringing the outside world back in again. Handy if another human wants to engage with you.

The headband-style around ear model continues to benefit from the 1000XM2 features. The list includes an Atmospheric Pressure Optimiser and extended battery life. I’ll have an extended chance over the coming week to really put the 1000XM3 to the test. If I can block out Trevor Long during a 30-hour trip, I’ll never give them back.

On top of that Sony also announced new WF-SP900 Wireless Sports in-ear Headphones. These are wire-free and if you want smartphone-free. With 4GB of onboard memory they’re intended to be used while exercising. The WF-SP900 are also waterproof up to 2 metres and resistant to salt water. Available in November for an eye watering $499.95 they may well be the perfect companion for those who love a dip without the need to pair to a device. Just don’t loose one!