With Father’s Day around the corner, many will be preparing to be woken up by their kids, a punch in the stomach to wake up and another child crawling over their heads. The secret time for many dads is the evening before Father’s Day, the moment when the kids are in bed and you can kick back and raise a glass.

Being a dad is not an easy task, and raising a family is a huge achievement, so when did you last take a minute to give yourself a high-five?

Braith Anasta, former Bulldogs Premiership champion, is spearheading this initiative calling all Australians to raise a glass to raising our little devils whilst applauding the achievement of being a dedicated dad. Braith is calling on dads to unite and even come together for a toast.

“Being a dad is unreal, I still have my daughter’s Father’s Day artwork from last year sitting proudly on the TV cabinet. But when you have Beauty and the Beast and Peppa Pig constantly on repeat, all you wish for is some downtime with your mates every now and again…Life is all about balance, and so every dedicated parent who provides for the family deserves a night to kick back, so why not this night?” said Anasta.

Braithe Anasta will be kicking back with a bottle of Fireball. We got our hands on a bottle and for those who don’t know, it is a cinnamon whisky and is the leading shot brand in the U.S. Upon opening the bottle the whiff of cinnamon is no joke but the fire after tasting it is a whole other experience.

If you’re looking to chow something down with your mates while enjoying some Fireball, Down N Out Burgers (Liverpool St, Sydney and in North Ryde) are offering a Dad Bod Burger with $5 Fireball shots with proof you’re a dad (a photo from your phone will do) on Father’s Day Eve.

Drink Responsibly and don’t be that guy.