If you like high-end appliances, then the LG SIGNATURE range may well be up your alley. Here at IFA 2018 in Berlin the Korean juggernaut has unveiled a range of ultra-premium products including a new wine cellar, dryer and bottom-freezer refrigerator.

The concept was born from the mantra ‘TheArt of Essence’ that has provided the inspiration behind the LG SIGNATURE brand since 2016. The key difference with LG SIGNATURE products is that they are stripped of features that didn’t lend themselves to the brand’s spirit. The products are minimalistic to look at and deliver a sense of exclusivity.

The LG SIGNATURE wine cellar stores 65 bottles in a rather attractive sleek metal frame. Of course, anyone looking to purchase a wine cellar is pretty keen on the tech behind keeping their beloved bottles in top shelf condition. The cellar features a Multi Temperature Control that caters for different styles of wine. An Automatic Lift allows for easy access with the press of a button. Voice recognition can be used to open the door or even turn on the interior light, handy given the glass is darkened to help protect the wine from sunlight. For an added dose of credibility LG enlisted the help of James Suckling, a renowned figure in the international wine community.

Additionally, a high-end clothes dryer has joined the LG SIGNATURE party for the first time. The 10kg dryer is clever enough to detect the load in the drum and activate the correct cycle. The user can simply walk away and leave the machine to do its best. It also incorporates a rapid drying feature that also uses the Condenser Automatic Cleansing System that clears away lint using water, allowing the dryer to go about its duty more effectively.

Finally, a LG SIGNATURE bottom-freezer refrigerator is also jam packed with boast worthy features. An Automatic Lift can raise the drawer right up to eye level. Another party trick is an Auto Door Open feature that senses when you approach and automatically opens the door twice as wide as before, handy when you are juggling groceries.

“Combining beautiful design with the latest technologies while staying true to a product’s essence is what LG SIGNATURE is all about,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Expanding our LG SIGNATURE collection to seven products allows even more consumers to experience the joy of owning a home appliance that resembles a work of art.”

There’s no word on Australian pricing and availability but we will keep you posted!