With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 only days away from being in the palm of your hands, you might give a thought to how to best keep it safe. Well you’re in luck, Tech 21 have come out with a few options to heavily consider;

Evo Check

With 3m drop protection and a groovy check pattern, the Tech 21 Evo Check will ease your mind that your brand new $1499 phone is safe and sound.

I demonstrated the black version (which would look much nicer on the Midnight Black version of the Note 9), but the Evo Check also comes in purple and pink for the more fashionable among us.

The Evo Check retails for $44.95 online at tech21.com

Pure Clear

For the simpleton on the go, the Pure Clear as the name suggests is the transparent version of the Evo Check, still boasting 3m drop protection. Jokes aside, the Pure Clear simply allows you to enjoy the natural colour and look of your Note 9.

The Pure Clear is available on tech21.com for $44.95.

Impact Shield

Outside of cases, Tech 21 also offer screen protection products such as the Impact Shield. I don’t know about you, but I have cracked many a phone in my time (and spent way too much repairing them) and it’s getting a bit old now… If you’re in the same boat, consider the Impact Shield.

With an incredibly easy to install system, your Note 9 slides through the housing mechanism (pictured) and the Impact Shield is applied directly to your screen. This essentially eliminates the risk of you misaligning it!

You can pick up the Impact Shield online for $39.95.