Prices start at $1229 for the 64GB version, and go up to $1479 for the 256GB version of Apple’s iPhone XR – that’s a lot, yet it’s the cheapest “new model” iPhone that will hit the market. Today at Apple Park I got a hands on look at this colourful new phone.

It comes in six colours. Here they are:


If you’re looking to stand out, this isn’t the phone for you. It’s just like any other white iPhone:)


This guy looks good, a matt look to the back – but only on some angles because it’s actually more super dark grey than black overall colour.


Your challenge here (and with Yellow and Red) is how to preserve this cool look – the blue metal sides and bright blue back – when you put a case on it! Good luck!


As with the Blue, how do you tell people you have this one? Bumper style cases will be all the rage again as people look to expose the back of their phone – this may be the choice for many


It’s not pink, also not Orange – honestly, photos don’t do it justice. It’s not quite vibrant, more dull, and that’s a good thing.


This one is familiar – to a degree. Apple has released Product Red phones for a couple of years, but this one just pops a bit more, it’s all so so red! But because of the previous releases – doesn’t seem quite so “new”.

They feel light, very light, and while that camera is a single lens, the photos I’ve seen so far are most certainly impressive and to be frank, while I’m sure side by side with the XS series phones the screen wouldn’t hold it’s own – it looks great.

LCD isn’t exactly a bad technology – it’s just not as vibrant as OLED – so yeah, in many circumstances it won’t hold it’s own – but it looks pretty great at first glance.

It’s a great look – and given the price of the XS range, it will be popular.

Trevor Long travelled to Cupertino as a guest of Apple Australia