Nespresso has been the iconic name in our homes when it comes to the simplest coffee machines. Nespresso was the company which pushed us away from boiling the kettle and stirring up some instant coffee in our mugs. They introduced us to the capsule coffee products which brought better flavours and better varieties of coffees, producing a flat white at home became a simple reality.

When Nespresso brought the Aeroccino to the market ten years ago they enabled Australians to make milk froth without leaving the barista skills or purchasing expensive equipment. You’d think based on the coffee system and the Aeroccino that Nespresso didn’t have a lot more to do, we were satisfied.

Today Nespresso is bringing to market a product that shakes up the milk preparation component a great deal. From a simple Aeroccino product that had a one button operation, the Barista from Nespresso paints a whole new picture, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

The Barista is a larger unit which a few components. The base holds a strong jug, the jug uses magnets to hold the whisk and a plastic cover goes on top to stop the milk from escaping. Immediately you realise a great change. The jug is easily removed for pouring and all the components that get dirty can now be thrown into the dishwasher for a simpler clean.

Once you plug the Barista into power however you do see the difference. Firstly, you need to download the Nespresso app onto your smartphone. You’ll then pair your phone to your milk frother. There is a saying you wouldn’t ever have expected years ago. Fortunately we can tell you immediately that the Barista doesn’t rely on your phone to command and operate the milk frother.

The reason for connecting your phone to the milk frother is to program recipes. Nespresso have a large collection of recipes that can be sent to the Barista for step by step guidance and control. The Barista has a simple screen, left/right controls and a select button.


Nespresso has gone to great lengths here, there are so many coffee recipes from around the world that it forces you to think of coffee differently and you’re encouraged to try some new ways of enjoying coffee. At first we want to prepare a simple espresso macchiato and we get started. The Barista is great at guiding you through the process but as a milk frother we are very impressed. The silkiness of the froth produced is very very good, it blows the Aeroccino away. We use the fancy coffee art spoon that is supplied to add the froth to the macchiato and it’s great. Packing it all into the dishwasher is simple and we’re happier overall.

So while it sounds strange to add bluetooth to every product these days, some are doing it with the best intentions. Nespresso has made this product not just to give you better froth with your favourite coffee but to also expand your coffee experiences. There are some we’re saving for warmer days in the summer and others we’re going to use to impress dinner guests. At $249 it is the frother you should be buying when the Aeroccino needs an upgrade.