It’s been at least two years since the MacBook Air got an update, and those updates were only ever internal processor updates. Today, in Brooklyn New York, Apple announced an entirely new MacBook Air for the first time in ten years.

While available in just one size, the new MacBook Air has 17% less volume than its predecessor, with reduced bezel size around the screen it’s the perfect size overall.

The Retina display, with over 4 million pixels is no doubt the key feature, the screen on the previous MacBook Airs were so low in resolution it made basic working something strange in this modern screen world.

But add to that a TouchID login, Enhanced sound, a 20% larger Force Touch trackpad and you’re getting one hell of an update.

The new MacBook Air goes on sale next week on November 7, with orders starting today. It comes in three colours, a Gold, Space Grey and Silver.

One final note on the new MacBook Air, they’ve managed to find a way to make the device from 100% recycled aluminium – that’s pretty impressive stuff.

With over 100 million active Mac users around the world, the MacBook Air is an important entry level product (For Apple) which many parents will find themselves buying for kids at school.

The MacBook Air will retail in Australia for $1849 (128GB) and $2149 (256GB).

Trevor Long travelled to New York as a guest of Apple Australia.