If you’re going to drop the same amount of cash as a decent sized 4K TV on a phone, you better have a lot of cotton wool to wrap it in. We all drop our phones, probably at least once a week, right? Well Case-Mate has come to the rescue with a collection that will hopefully save your back pocket along with that brand-new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR.

The new collection falls into three unique categories “The Dropper, Street Smart, and The Minimalist.” The cases look the part too, depending on your taste using unique materials such as genuine flowers, carbon fibre, ceramic beads and glitter crystals.

While I avoided the ‘Ditsy Petals’ and ‘Wallpapers’ designs I have had a crack at the “Barely There Leather’ and the carbon fibre protection case. The latter is claimed to have a 12+foot drop protection rating, but I shan’t be testing that on my current iPhone XS Max review unit.

I can tell you that the carbon fibre backing does look genuine and the case is clearly rugged, consisting of a separate inner rubber band frame before the grippy outer case is snapped on. It does add some extra width to the already large XS Max, but for Mr Dropsies here it’s potentially worth it.

The full range and pricing includes?:

Ditsy Petals – $69.95. Real flowers are pressed and suspended in resin for a delicate effect.

Wallpapers – $59.95. Interesting prints for the trend setters out there.

Barely There Leather – $59.95 not something kinky but genuine smooth leather just 2mm thick.

Carbon Fiber Protection Collection $69.95. Basically, armour for your phone, with 5 layers of protection.

Sprinkles $59.95. Multi-colored ceramic beads are used to catch everyone’s eye, for the show pony!

For more info visit www.jbhifi.com.au