Now everyone’s getting in on it – those face filters, the cartoon changes to your face that started with Snapchat, then went wild with Instagram? – well, they’re available for your kids. All in a safe place, the Wiggles App!

The new Wiggles app launched today, developed by Aussie company Weyo, the app is called “The Wiggles – Fun Time with Faces” and uses the Augmented Reality face-tracking technology we’re seeing be so popular right now – but this time for kids.

It’s a relatively simple app, but with advanced features under the hood. Right from the get-go Emma Wiggle talks kids through what they need to do, and anywhere a parent is needed it tells them, and parents enter answers to challenge questions (like “Type the number eighty eight”) to progress to new features, including subscriptions.

There’s loads of free content in the app, face filters, videos, songs and stories, but there’s also a bunch that are “locked” until you sign up. $1.99 a month or $19.99 for the year – it’s a small price to pay for your kids fun time.

Fun time with Videos is a video library of Ten great Wiggles tunes – including Hot Potato and Toot Toot Chugga Chugga. Great way to find and enjoy some Wiggles songs right on your phone.

Play time with Faces is your 3D Mask fun. There’s a lot of really cool characters, from the Hot Potato to Emmma and Captain Feathersword. Loads of fun, no way to save a photo of yourself in the mask, so screenshots will have to do. Probably a good thing or mum and dad’s phone will fill up with face mask photos from the Wiggles app!

Fun time with Songs is a lot more fun than you might first think. I assumed it was just video clips, but in fact it flicks to the phone camera and includes the viewer in the video and shows you the end result at the completion of the song. You can then save the video and even share it.

Fun Time with Stories allows kids to enjoy a story book journey, but again play a part using the AR masks, like being Wags the Dog and barking or caching bones.

Loads of fun, well designed, easy to use and all Aussie. Gotta love it. Free for a week with full content, but throw down $19.99 and enjoy the lot for the year.

Download: iOS App Store