Withings has announced one of the products of the year with the BeamO at CES 2024. It’s the at-home checkup stick that packs four functionalities in this slick looking stick.

The BeamO isn’t just any ordinary stick; it’s a thermometer, ECG, oximeter, and stethoscope all rolled into one. This device is set to revolutionise health tracking by giving you vital health clues, depending on where you point it on your body. 

Withings is going even further in the enhancement of telemedicine by bridging the gap between patient and doctor. It combines the ease of at-home temperature checks with some high-grade wearable wellness metrics, such as blood oxygen sensors and medical grade ECG. This stick, through the digital stethoscope, even has the ability to listen to the sound of your heart and lungs. Getting a first look at this device at CES 2024 unveiled, I really got a sense on just how portable this device is to have in the home. 

The blood oxygen and heart rate data gathered is not dissimilar to how your average smart watch would. The data is collected by how you hold it and then displaying the reading in real-time. To obtain your temperature, it’s a matter of directing the BeamO towards your head and to utilise the stethoscope, simply point it at your chest. 

Like all Withings smart products, the data syncs to the app, allowing data tracking over time and if something isn’t quite right, will guide you with helpful advice. This device is great addition to the home and is great for people that don’t want to wear a smartwatch but are looking for the health tracking.

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