The Alienware m15 – Lightweight & thin? VERY out of character.

When I think Alienware I’m thinking beautiful, powerful and typically way over-the-top as far as what’s required for gaming hardware. The all new Alienware m15 is breaking these stereotypes – coming in at 51% lighter than it’s predecessor, this device is hoping to redefine the space Alienware has in the market.

They’re saying that the “Alienware m15 is thelightest and thinnest 15” gaming laptop ever from Alienware and the best solution for gamers who prioritize weight and thinness allowing for even more portability.

The question fans and geeks alike will be asking is whether is still packs that traditional Alienware punch, and I can proudly report that while it doesn’t have that ‘insane’ factor to it, the m15 actually looks really promising.

Retailing for $2,799 AUD, the m15 is built with;

  • An Intel i7 (models unannounced as of yet).
  • NVIDIA GTX 1060.
  • 1080p, 60Hz screen with 144hz and 4K (60Hz) options.
  • An optional 90 WHr 17-hour battery.

One of the biggest problems with gaming laptops and more specifically the thin ones is how unbelievably hot they can get. With a lack of space for cooling, this can quickly become a real issue. However Alienware are boasting that the m15 is equipped with what they’re calling ‘Cryo-Tech v2.0’, which will hopefully make cooling a non-issue.

It will ship in both Epic Silver and Nebula Red, pictured below;

The m15 will be available worldwide from 26 October for $2,799 AUD and will also be on display at PAX for those that want to see it in person. I know I can’t wait to put one to the test myself – primarily to see if it can justify that price tag.

The Alienware m15 – Lightweight & thin? VERY out of character.
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