Explore Coffee Treasure with Nespresso

Nespresso are often releasing limited edition coffee variations. Each year we get to changed the capsule in our machines for something different and Nespresso is always seeking to transport us or expose us to new experiences through coffee. Nespresso is taking “limited edition” to a whole new level and have brought a really special package of four coffee variations to the market.

The Explorations of 2018 pack features four coffees which are considered the gems by Nespresso experts. These experts have travelled the world and carefully curated the picks for 2018. They’re considered gems due to their rarity, scarcity and extraordinary aromatic profiles.

As usual, the packing is beautiful and considered artwork. The four flavours in the Explorations 2018 pack are:

  • India Mylemoney – the taste represents a dry cereal and tasted notes, similar to a bread crust – serve with breakfast!
  • Nicaragua Las Marias – fruity and sweet notes, low acidity and well balanced
  • República Dominicana Valle Del Cibao – medium roast coffee with green notes of fruit and nuts
  • Galapagos Santa Cruz – a full bodied coffee with a cacao style bitterness and some sweet biscuit notes.

In addition to the four coffees, the box also comes complete with a set of two Nespresso Reveal coffee glasses, designed with Riedel, along with a coffee table book filled with coffee stories and tasting recommendations.

Nespresso served with a Maltese treacle ring, a perfect combo

The 2018 Explorations Tasting Box will be available for a limited time from 15th October 2018. The box is available for purchase from Nespresso Boutiques, orders through the Nespresso Club, and online. RRP $90 for four sleeves of coffee, a set of Nespresso Reveal Glasses and a Limited Edition coffee table book.

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Explore Coffee Treasure with Nespresso
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1 Comment

  1. Russell

    November 5, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Love the treacle ring addition, well played Geoff

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