The slow and steady roll-out of more tap-and-go options on Sydney’s transport system took a big leap forward today with American Express announcing their cards can be used on Sydney Trains.

Kicking off on some ferry services and light rail earlier in the year the use of a regular Credit Card instead of Opal Cards means tourists and residents alike can simply go about their business without needing an Opal Card.  This is particularly handy for those infrequent travellers.

And the good news is it’s not just physical cards – AMEX cards in a Digital Wallet like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay can use their mobile devices too.

Interestingly, looking at the light rail trial that’s been going on, AMEX reports that up to 50 percent of the tap and go payments on Sydney Transport trips were using a Mobile Wallet.

Robert Tedesco, Vice President Loyalty & Partnerships, American Express said: “Our ongoing investment in digital capabilities and our merchant network is enabling card members to easily use their Amex card or mobile wallet in more places than ever before.”

“Commuters with American Express cards now have the option to use their contactless card, mobile wallet or wearable to tap and pay for their train, ferry or light rail fares – providing them with a fast and convenient way to get around.”

Next up, Buses, oh, and Visa and Mastercard joining the party.


Turns out it’s not just AMEX from the get-go with Mastercard adding Sydney Trains tap and go today too, saying “Mastercard was the first payments technology network provider to work with Transport for NSW on the initial trial of contactless transport and Mastercard looks forward to continuing to make Australian cities better connected through further expansion across the Sydney transport network.”

Mastercard’s data from the trial was also quite interesting – more than 15,000 tap and go payments, from cardholders in more than 40 countries!

And VISA too:

“In Australia, tapping your phone, card or wearable has become synonymous with paying. In fact, 94% of Visa’s face-to-face transactions in Australia are contactless, and we’re seeing more people frequently using their mobiles to pay, particularly for daily purchases such as transport. The expansion of contactless payments to TfNSW’s train network will make the Sydney transport experience quicker and more convenient for locals and tourists alike.”