Today we start an interesting experiment here at EFTM. Trevor and myself are going to measure our driving skills, or lack of. We’re doing this via a new mobile app called UbiCar.

The app uses advanced mobile telematics technology to keep a check on how safe you are as a driver. It measures all the important data including phone distraction, speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering.

Better still based on your results UbiCar can find you a cheaper insurance deal.

Carolyn Batterton, an UbiCar spokesperson says, “Surprisingly reckless cornering is a major problem, where a motorist takes a corner too quickly. UbiCar data revealed this is more common than phone distraction and speeding,”

She added, “Our data shows that 16% of UbiCar users are rated at lower than 50 out of 100 when it comes to their cornering, compared to just 2% for phone distraction and 0% for speeding.

 “Around a fifth of all fatal accidents take place on or around corners, similar numbers to fatal accidents caused by speeding and driver fatigue.

“To address this, UbiCar aims to reward good driving behaviour within the app. Australia has relied heavily on penalties to try to improve driver behaviour for far too long so a positive approach is long overdue.” 

Trends in the US have shown a reduction by 35 per cent in smartphone use and 20 per cent less hard braking and speeding within a month of using the app.

Today is day one, I can faithfully report that Trevor is already rated as an appalling driver. We, or I will keep you posted.