Victorinox and Nespresso have been working together for some time to create amazingly unique Swiss Army Knives. Sounds strange but essentially Victorinox uses discarded Nespresso capsules to create the casing for the special edition units.

So far, we’ve had the Pioneer Nespresso Arpeggio and Pioneer Nespresso Livanto launched since 2016. Both named after a particular Nespresso flavour. Midway through this year we heard about the latest collectable thanks to the announcement of the new Pioneer Nespresso Dharkan, but this is the first time we’ve laid eyes on one.

The midnight-blue knife is emblazoned with both the Nespresso logo and famous Victorinox emblem. It’s not the most multi-skilled knife in the line-up with just four, but handy tools. The link between the two companies basically revolves around recycling. Victorinox uses 100 per cent recycled steel, while Nespresso has certain measures in place to encourage customers to return their used capsules.

For example, we were sent a prepaid envelope style bag that can hold plenty of them. There are also various drop off points such as their chain of boutique stores or other outlets. My local chemist which is in a semi-rural part of Sydney will take them off you and have them appropriately deposed of.

If you can still get your hands on the latest edition, they retail for $119,00.