The best way to get attention at a convention like CES is to eye grab. A lot of stands will do this with attractive men and women – so it’s a good thing I’ve built a tolerance to that nonsense, but I can’t help myself when I see sexy tech…

The LineDock was designed by CEO Quentin to fit MacBook Air’s, giving them double the traditional battery life, every port under the sun and extra storage space for all your files.

Since inception, they’ve managed to design a beautiful little ‘platform-esque’ product that works with almost any 13-inch laptop and adds a whole bunch of utility.

It weighs approximately 900g and connects to any laptop with a USB-C charging port, such as my Dell XPS 13. They’ve developed a little ‘U’ shaped connector so that the LineDock sits comfortably beneath your laptop.

A really groovy concept that really impressed me from the word ‘go’. The test will be pricing and sustainability. 900 grams isn’t something to brush off, if you’re travelling a lot it could potentially start to strain – but we’ll leave that to the full review that will undoubtedly follow shortly.

Unlike a lot of products here at CES, the LineDock has already begun retailing and will be available in Australia hopefully the back half of 2019.

Check out their website by clicking here.