You read that right, now even our lounges are smart devices… it’s phenomenal really. The Miliboo connected lounge is designed to bring a 4D, cinema experience to your lounge room and I must say it does a pretty damn good job.

Equipped with a huge subwoofer underneath the seats, RGB LED lighting strips, built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as a wireless charging pad – the designers of Miliboo were not playing around.

So it’s a speaker system, connected device, charger and lounge. Sometimes I just want to stop these people and tell them to relax with all the smart home gear, but this is just awesome.

The Miliboo will be produced as a two seater, three seater and four seater lounge. You really sink into the seats as you get in and the base from the sub thumps through more than most sound systems do…

The app allows for control over EVERY audio setting you could want as well as RGB light control and smart assistant preferences.

No word as of yet on pricing or availability but super exciting tech nonetheless.