A simple brake-light and indicator solution for cyclists? PLEASE.

I don’t know about you, but I hate cyclists. Okay that was rude… I hate cyclists that don’t indicate their intentions on the road. Which is why when I ran into Road-Light SAS at CES I had to stop and take a look.

The Road-Light SAS is a all-in-one solution for cyclists and motorcyclists alike that allows them to signal left, right, braking and emergency ‘stop’ lights. Brilliant!

It works on a system of buttons that sit firmly on the handle bars of the bike and run on a cell battery so you don’t really have to worry about battery life. The actual light pack will last about a week and can be charged via microUSB in about an hour.

I dream of a world where cyclists and drivers can live harmoniously and the Road-Light might just help us get there.

We eagerly await information on pricing and availability from this French start-up.

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A simple brake-light and indicator solution for cyclists? PLEASE.

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