Want to cook outdoors with the help of the Sun? I’m not talking about cooking eggs on the bonnet of your car either. American start-up company GoSun has invented a product called Fusion. Basically, this is a portable, electric oven that requires no other power source other than the sun and a battery.

The hybrid solar cooker uses a 150-Watt heating element below a stainless-steel cook tray. It requires just a 12-volt battery to cook a full meal. The heating element is within a stainless-steel encasement, that leads to an even distribution of heat within a vacuum tube chamber. Essentially you bake your meal inside a cylinder, not a very large one but enough to cook a decent meal at least for yourself.

So, there’s no need for fire or gas, just solar power which can be stored for day and night use via a back-up re-chargeable lithium-ion battery power bank. You do need to move the device every half an hour to follow the sun, maximising performance.

The GoSun Fusion will be available in the US for $449 with extra upgrades and accessories available. There’s no word just yet on Australian availability.

Web: GoSun.com