On the floor here at CES 2019 I came across an interesting product from a company based in Taiwan. It’s called ELECLEAN, a portable disinfectant spray that simply uses water to kill a claimed 99.9 per cent of bacteria. 

It uses a world first nano-catalysis electrochemical technology to turn water molecules into reactive oxygen species in 15 minutes. None of that means anything to most of us, but in short changing the structure of the water leads to a solution that turns out to be a very good disinfectant. 

There are no added chemicals, preservatives or perfumes. You just add water to this device and spray away to sanitise areas that could be in the home, hospitals, restaurants or schools.

While we can’t back the claims, nor are we likely to see such a product in Australia anytime soon it has won a CES Innovation Awards for 2019.

Cool stuff!