Stop clickbaiting John you imbo… how could a shoe save a life? Well dear skeptic, because this show has a sensor in it to detect if you or someone you love has fallen. They’re calling it the E-vone and it’s the latest piece of lifestyle tech that’s aimed at the elderly and handicapped among us.

It uses a gyroscope and accelerometer lodged safely in the sole of the shoe that will pick up when the shoe is at an angle it shouldn’t be.

The process from there is an immediate alert to the loved ones of your choice that includes a timestamp and a geolocation so that they can assist.

As the shoe sends off the emergency signal it simultaneously vibrates the sole to inform the wearer that it has acknowledged the fall and has alerted everyone.

Really interesting product the E-vone, one that could potentially save a life one day. While we don’t know Australian availability yet, it’s a product to keep an eye out for. Click through to their website here.