So you’re over the selfie stick because the burden of holding things is very 2018 and you’re in the mood for the convenience 2019 has to offer. It’s a VERY unique circumstance but let’s not rule it out… And if that’s the case there’s a whopping product out of CES this year – the AirSelfie;

This drone will quite easily fit in the palm of your hand and is stacked with four rotors, a charging port and a mean little camera;

This model is the AIR 100, it’s an entry-level aerial camera that goes for $100 USD if that gives you some sort of price range. It’s targeted toward casual photographers and videographers with a 12MP camera, HD video and 6-minutes of flight time.

It works on a ‘Hands Free’ Flight and Autonomous Imaging software to track and shoot images of any subject from a serious variety of angles.

The One-Touch app that should be installed with the AirSelfie is completely encompassing of capture, edit, view and sharing of content.

They’re available in quite a few countries internationally so we’re hoping to see some models in Australia relatively soon.