This product is an absolute god send to those who struggle to wake up – it’s a ‘sensory stimulation’ device that is designed exclusively for making your mornings better.

First and foremost the Sensorwake will emit a scent of your choosing, you have the options of; orange juice, mint, cut grass, ‘edge of the woods’, biscuit, seaside, apple-cinnamon, summer melon and tea tree. It works through a series of capsules you load into the top. Each capsule lasts for 30 uses.

If the scent isn’t enough to get you up, the Sensorwake then begins slowly lighting up and eventually playing a melody.

It’s one of those products you don’t recognize the power of until you get your hands on one, but I can’t wait for this product to make it to shelves. No information on pricing at the moment but I can imagine the majority of the cost would be refill capsules for the scent.