There is always talk of gaming ruining our children’s minds’, but Disney and Life is Tech have used the gaming platform to create a fun, interactive educational experience that will help kids develop serious computer skills, including coding, web design, media art and game creation using programming languages JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Processing and Shader. In short, it’s super cool.

A quest type format, players move through levels based on Disney films, completing challenges as they progress. The game is a result of collaboration between Disney and a leading Japanese game creator, Yoshihisa Hashimoto.

For a book nerd like me, the very best part of this product is the accompanying hard cover scrapbooking keepsake. Life in Tech call this ‘hybrid material’. The production quality of this accessory is extremely high and will provide something tangible that can be shown to grandparents or taken for show and tell at school. Life in Tech call this the ‘Magic Book’. I am deeply impressed and can see this appealing to both primary and high school aged kids. The quality of what is produced is only limited by the ability of the ‘player’, not by the quality of the game or the accompanying ‘scrapbook’.

Yoshihisa Hashimoto says that “I gave this project my all for the next generation of creators”. Well played Yoshihisa-san, well played.