CES is massive. Massive crowds. Massive tech. Massive news. Massive displays. But when it comes to showing off Furrion, a tech company with Aussie roots, has pulled out all the stops at this year’s CES. On show in what essentially is a hall otherwise dedicated to cars is the first ever yacht at CES.

The Adonis essentially is a massive prop for Furrion to showcase its marine tech. Aussie brothers Aaron and Matt Fidler also do plenty of work in the RV space as we reported back in 2016. But Furrion is planning to flood our homes with high-tech products, they’ve even invented their own personal assistant called ‘Angel’.

Interestingly Angel can work off grid, perfect when out at sea for example. When applied onboard the Adonis it was able to perform any number of tasks such as dim the lights and roll down window blinds

But As if a massive cruising yacht wasn’t enough, how about Furrion’s take on camping in the great outdoors? While unlikely to find a beach side site a North Coast Big4, Furrion’s semi trailer caravan really is something else.

While a great way to show off all of Furrion’s products, the real role of the yacht and truck is to position Furrion as a company that takes CES seriously.