Debatably some of the best products to come out of audio giant Jabra are their Elite series over ear headphones. The series of products is aptly named for the serious quality and premium features they possess.

The Elite 85h are set with built-in Jabra ‘SmartSound’, which is their AI (artificial intelligence) system to determine the context of your listening experience. To put that into English, the Elite 85h will adjust your settings to best suit the environment you’re listening in. They’ll adapt whether you’re at home listening to some tracks or on the train trying to get some work done.

They’ve got active noise cancelling and your favourite voice assistant through the eight MICROPHONES. Eight! Jabra… relax. Six of those are dedicated to calls, four toward the active noise cancelling system and two hybrid that work for both systems.

These headphones are designed for any environment and subsequently have dust and rain resistance up to IP52. A groovy product from Jabra that is sure to remain true to the Elite series brand. We’ll report Australian pricing and availability as soon as possible.