The Jabra Move are an over ear fitness headphone (if the name didn’t give it away) that are incredibly kind to your wallet. They were received really well on release and Jabra have just announced they’re getting a face lift! Look at these beauties;

They come in three fresh colours; Titanium Black, Gold Beige and Navy. Personally I love the style of the Titanium Black – it’s just crisp. I’d go so far to argue that the colour range into the Gold and Navy is more to appease a younger target market, with the dark being a lot more professional.

These bad boys have a 14 hour battery life which is pretty great for the price point they’ll be on shelves for. It’s the type of battery that is perfect for flights, an entire week of commuting or a really terrible family gathering you can’t bear to listen to.

The Jabra Move Style Edition is a pair of headphones that you’ll find will completely service the youth and elderly markets. It’s in the lower price bracket, wonderfully light and with a solid battery. We’ll be sure to get a review of these up as soon as we have our hands on it but stay tuned for Australian pricing and availability.