Well we’ve seen some incredible things in the world of OLED and television already at CES this year – but roll-able tech is something else. The OLED R by LG condenses itself into this small, soundbar looking device that you can sit on your entertainment unit;

The panel rolls out to either full or ‘line’ mode which can be used as a hub to play music as well as background ambient scenes such as fireplaces, rain and snow. It also offers a photo frame and clock capabilities – groovy stuff.

This was aptly demonstrated in front of the stunning views of Vegas to prove that sometimes your television is in the way – and just how useful being able to roll it down out of the way would be! When completely closed up the base looks a little like this;

That little back partition then slides back and makes way for the screen to unroll;

The television also has the capability to host your IoT devices from your connected lights, to the dishwasher and kettle. A cool feature to slot in with a visual interface.

The LG OLED R is aiming to be Down Under in the second half of 2019 so we’ve got a little wait ahead of us, but what a product to get excited for. Pricing is unknown but as you can imagine this beauty might do a bit of damage to the hip pocket.