While Sony has pulled out of the mobile market in Australia, they’re forging full steam ahead in other segments and at IFA they’re showing off a new range of headphones and a new walkman.

Kicking off, Sony is updating their h.Ear range, with the h.ear in 3 truly
wireless WF-H800 and h.ear on 3 wireless noise cancelling WH-H910N. Sony gets zero points for naming on this.

The WF-H800 truly wireless ear buds offer a tri-hold structure to make them more comfortable with at least three points of contact with your ear. 

You’ll get great sound from the included 6mm drivers and 8 hours of battery life which can be re-charged in the case for a total of 16 hours on the go.

The WF-H800 are heading to Australia from January 2020 for SRP $349.95.

If you’re more after the over-ear headphone experience the WH-H910N headphones are more your style. 

The headphones feature powerful 25mm drivers for a big sound, that won’t be over-ridden by outside noise unless you want to thanks to Sony’s brilliant Active Noise Cancellation technology. You can over-ride the ANC by simply cupping your hand over the earpiece to hear what’s going on around you.

The headphones are compact and lightweight,  but still offer up to 35 hour of battery life.

Sony has advised that the WH-H910N headphones will be available in Australia from January 2020 for SRP $399.95.

Sony has also announced a neckband style headphone, the WI-1000XM2, offering noise cancellation thanks to their QN1 HD Noise Cancelling Processor which also supports.

The headphones can be paired with Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant for up to date information, as well as setting reminders and more. 

You’ll get up to 10 hours of battery life with the WI-1000XM2, and when you’re not using them just clip the earpieces together thanks to the magnetic tips and stow them in their handy carrying case. 

WI-1000XM2 neckband headphones available in black in Australia from January 2020 for SRP $499.95.

Sony is also continuing their line of Walkmans with the NW-A105B and NW-ZX507B.

The NW-A105B Walkman has a 3.6-inch HD resolution display, 16GB of on-board memory and 26 hours of battery life.

The NW-A105B is a high-resolution audio player with support for Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and PCM, and uses S-Master HX and Sony’s  Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX) to upscale your streaming audio, and the NW-A105B runs Android, so you’ll have access to all the streaming services.

It even supports High Resolution Audio Wireless by LDAC, so no matter if you’re using wired or wireless headphones, it sounds great.

Sony’s NW-A105B Walkman will be coming to Australia in January next year for SRP $499.00.

If you’d prefer a higher end audio player though you can check out the NW-ZX507B Walkman.

Sony has focused on the premium aspect for the launch of the NW-ZX507B Walkman.

The chassis is made of high-quality aluminium and a copper milled block which they say helps achieve a ‘clear and powerful sound’. They’ve also used lead-free solder and a fine sound resistor to produce clear vocals and sound.

Sony has also included support for DSD, PCM and the S-Master HX and DSEE HX on the NW-ZX507B, so you can stream or store all your music and have it sound great no matter what.

The unit includes a 3.6 inch HD display with touch panel and 64GB of storage with a microSD card slot to expand memory. The 20 hour battery should get you through a full day with no issues.

Sony has said the NW-ZX507B Walkman will be available in Black from January next year for (64GB built-in memory) will be available in black in Australia for SRP $1,199.

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