In a world that can seem ever more dangerous and scary, a small French start up is designing equipment that can provide not only tangible improvements to one’s safety but that also provides a sense of comfort and security for the vulnerable or paranoid.

Meersens logo is a cute little meerkat, standing sentry over the clan. This is a perfect metaphor for the Meersens Guardian. This device consists of an array of sensors held within a small pod and an associated app.

The Meersens system monitors all situations that may cause personal danger, such as the UV index and the quality of the air around you. Additionally, the system is tailored specifically to the user and provides detailed information relating to each identified risk to the user via the app. Further still, the Meersens Guardian provides information on how to best manage each identified risk.

Would I buy one? No. Not because it is a bad product, but because I am a male and I ignore all advice relating to risk. When an update comes, alerting me to the risk of man-flu I will gladly put my money on the table.