I can tell when a tech or gadget company is spending big coin on internet advertising via Facebook and other social media channels – I start getting loads of emails and DMs asking me questions about them – TVFix is one such product.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a possibly too good to be true supercar raffle, or an amazing self-solving Rubik’s cube – some people have that feeling in their gut – “is this too good to be true?”

Spoiler alert – it normally is. Of course, the GoCube is a great example of one that wasn’t – love that product!

Over the last few months, a lot of questions about TV Fix – a gadget that claims to give you loads of amazing channels on your TV! Wow.

TVFix unit held in hand to show scale

Take a look at this section of the TVFix website:

Text from the TVFix website talking about getting your favourite TV shows and movies without paying for Satellite or Cable TV

Ok, so – no more paying for Cable TV? Just by using TVFix? Aussies would read that as “ditch Foxtel”. Americans (who this is aimed at) are in a real “cord cutting” vibe, and huge numbers of US households have Cable TV.

Here’s another clipping from their website:

A screen capture from the TVFix website which shows streaming services and sports logos.

All those channels, all that sport! Wow!

So, taking one for the team, knowing full well this wasn’t what it was being advertised as – but, giving them the benefit of the doubt, I bought one.

$58USD plus shipping, I paid $100. Yep. And it took nearly two months to get here.

What is TVFix?

The device itself is a small WiFi connected Screen Casting unit.

what's in the box with TVFix

In the box is the TVFix itself, a short 10cm HDMI cable and a split cable that plugs micro USB into the TVFix, and leads out to get USB power from your TV, and a small WiFi antenna.

Simple WIFi setup screen when turning on the TVFix

When you boot it up, it shows you a screen telling you how to connect using your smartphone, and how to then commence screen mirroring.

Bottom line, this is a Screen Casting or Screen mirroring device.

Screen Mirroring instructions on the TVFix

Does TVFix Work?

Yep, it does what it’s intended to do, which is screen mirroring. When you connect your smartphone to the WiFI network of the TVFix, you can then screen cast your device.

Apple iPhone screen showing on a TV being mirrored via TVFix

Amazingly, this was easier on an iPhone than an Android Device (Pixel 4a using Android 11).

But because by default the device has no Internet access, any streaming you do on your phone requires your 4G/5G/Cellular connection.

Is TV Fix just a Chromecast?

In part yes. But it also has a bit more in it.

To get Chromecast like features you need to dig into the web-based settings using the TVFix IP address, and set up a WiFi access point, allowing the TVFix to connect to your home WiFi.

Settings screen for the TVFix device shown on a mobile phone

This is not easy, not simple, and not user friendly.

The big difference between TVFix and Chromecast is that Chromecast is a very simple setup, while TVFix requires a bit more tech nouse.

Does TVFix work with Apple AirPlay?

The biggest difference between TVFix and Chromecast is the Apple AirPlay support on board.

TV Fix mirroring a video from an Apple IPhone

Once setup with a connection to your home WiFi network, you can see the ScreenCaster name of the TVFix in your AirPlay output settings. Initially this for me was just Audio, with video still showing on my phone.

I did however find a setting to allow me to more properly AirPlay video.

The setting that allows normal AirPLay performance on the TVFix

Worked with videos on my phone, and also with Sports Streaming service Kayo.

But it wasn’t reliable, it buffered a lot, and was not the “AirPlay” experience Apple would intend.

Is this a Scam?

No, it’s a real product, but their advertising morals leave a lot to be desired.

The things claimed in the advertising are just not supported by the product itself. The TVFix does little more than an Apple TV or Chromecast can do for you.

It does not give you some magical access to Live TV or Streaming services.

If you subscribe to streaming services like Binge, or Netflix, Stan or Kayo, or are signed up to Sports services like MLB – yes, you can cast them to your screen via the TVFix.

But that all costs money, it doesn’t come as part of the TVFix. It’s a smart device, that has zero content. None at all.

Does TVFix allow me to watch live TV and cable channels?

Yes, if you pay for them on streaming services and apps.

You still need a Tablet or phone with the channel or service apps on them, the Device alone does nothing.

And nothing, nothing at all comes for free.

TVFix unit showing MicroUSB port on one side

Should you buy a TVFix?

Absolutely certainly not.

If you live in Australia, go to JB HiFi and get a Chromecast for $59. Cracking product, easy setup, stream all your apps.

TVFIx showing HDMI output port

If you live in the United States, stop being a sucker. Buy an antenna for your TV and there’s free stations out there. If you’re cutting the cord from cable and want channels and streaming services, get a Chromecast.

On top of that, the performance is sluggish, along with the setup being poor and not a great user experience. Simple really. No.

Do not buy a TVFix.