Given the nation is basically being incinerated this summer I thought I’d bring you news on at least one way to stay cool. Nespresso has launched its latest range of “Over Ice” limited edition coffees, talking inspiration from Italian beachside culture. 

Ispirazione Salentina and Ispirazione Shakerato are the two new flavours on offer. Both offer different flavour profiles with the first said to be powerful and long lasting, the latter woody and creamy. Designed to be poured over ice and savoured as a special mid-afternoon treat for example. Nespresso Coffee ambassador, Mitch Monaghan has the following tips for creating the ultimate iced coffee.

  1. Add 6 ice cubes to a heat resistant glass
  2. Add your preferred amount of cold milk
  3. Extract an Espresso directly on top of the ice and milk
  4. Chill put and enjoy the velvety, marbled treat.

The pods are $0.95 each with limited edition packs varying in price from a two-sleeve pack at $19.00 through to a 10 pack that will set you back $79.00