As someone who changes phones almost every week because of the amount of new phones I have to review, there’s a very important problem I have – which apps to install first on the new phone..

So here are the most important apps for me – the ones I can’t live without – these are the Ten apps everyone should have, or at the very least try!


Sure I know the way from home to Channel 9 and from Home to my Mother-in-law’s place – but what I don’t know is if there is an accident in between, or if there are road closures or just slow traffic.

WAZE knows!  Owned by Google, Waze uses data from Waze users phones, as well as contributions from Waze users to know more than any other mapping program out there about the trip ahead and your exact arrival time.

You can contribute things you see like cars broken down or other hazards, and once you realise how accurate the estimated time of arrival is you’ll start using it for every trip!!

Download: iOS / Android


Phone calls are so 2001, SMS messages are so 2016.  What’s App is what I can’t live without.

From messages one to one, or in groups for work, or social occasions, I can share text, simple photos, even my live location so my mates can find me if we’re looking for one another.

It’s simple to use, and offers end to end encryption which means no-one else can intercept your messages too!!

Download: iOS / Android


For Sydney and Melbourne transport info, this is amazing.  I can put in any train, bus or Ferry route, and get immediate times for the next service from my stop to where I’m heading.  Plus, in most cases the data is real time showing how delayed the service may be, and how full the carriages or seats are.

Game changer for getting from A-B on public transport

Download: iOS / Android


I’ve got all the photos I’ve ever taken since 1998 here on my phone.  Well, I can access them anyway, All those photos are up in the Google Cloud, and as a result I can access them on my phone.

Using facial recognition and advanced Artificial Intelligence, I can either search for a person’s name and see all the photos they are in, or even search for objects like CAR or SPORTS – you name it…

Awesome for kids birthdays, anniversaries or just embarrassing your nieces and nephews with photos from when they were babies!

Download: iOS / Android


I’ve gotta have my entertainment.  Can’t have a device without Stan, Netflix and Pocketcasts installed.

Stan and Netflix offering a huge range of video content like movies and TV shows and Pocketcasts is how I listen to all my favourite podcasts, basically it’s all I listen to in the car and if it’s not Pocketcasts its any music I want using Apple Music..

Download Stan: iOS / Android

Download Netflix: iOS / Android

Download Pocketcasts: iOS / Android

Download Apple Music: iOS / Android


This is a game-changer. You’re thinking about watching a movie – but is it on Apple TV to rent? Is it Free on Netflix as part of your subscription? Is it on your Foxtel Subscription?

Make the most of your streaming subscriptions by using Just Watch to search for what you want to watch and go for the cheapest option every time!


Download: iOS / Android

LIFE 360

This is our family tracker app – my wife, myself and my 12 year old son all have this installed, so we can see where we are.

At night I can use it to see if my wife has left work or if I should just get started on dinner… We can see if my son is on the bus ok from School, or get alerts when he arrives at his mates places.  Easy

Download: iOS / Android

SOCIAL: Instagram, Twitter & Facebook 

Gotta stay in touch with the world – gotta show the cool cars and tech I’m using.. so these three are a must have, despite the potential addiction I have..

Download Instagram: iOS / Android

Download Twitter: iOS / Android

Download Facebook: iOS / Android


Boring perhaps, but this app is all about LISTS, TO DO LISTS – we use this to work out who is working on what review, what we need in the office, and things we have to complete – tasks can be shared or assigned to another person and notes can be added within a task to help get it done.

Something VERY rewarding about ticking something off a list!

Download: iOS / Android


My email – can’t live without it.  I can search every email I’ve ever sent or received – in one app.  So I’ve got all the contacts, all my latest and all my archived email sitting on my phone – from back when email first started.  Can’t live without email and when it comes to finding emails, recent or old, there is no better service than Gmail, and the best way to use Gmail is to use the actual Gmail APP not the “mail app” built into your phone.

Download: iOS / Android