Alcatel continue their tradition of bringing high-end features to low cost phones with a new lineup of devices due in 2019.

The Alcatel 3

With a 5.9 inch screen at a 19.5 to 1 screen – Alcatel are pushing the screen to 88 percent of the overall body a trend we saw start to push across the entire industry this time last year.

The 3 will have a Snapdragon octa-core processor from Qualcomm along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Battery is key so a 3500mAh battery will power through the day, while a 13 and 5MP set of dual cameras will offer the top end bokeh effect we’ve come to know.

Perhaps the biggest leap forward for Alcatel is the addition of Artificial Intelligence for Scene Detection on the camera, able to identify up to 21 different scenarios to make your photos betterA

The Alcatel 3L

Taking all of what the 3 has, the 3L has Android 8.1 Oreo which will be upgraded in the second quarter to Android Pie. The camera also includes Google Lens which allows product searches, online lookups and things like plant recognition.

The Alcatel 1S

As the One Series is always the entry level device for Alcatel and the company always manages to pack in some top end style features.

This year’s Alcatel 1S will come with Android Pie, an Octa Core processor, a 5.5 inch full-screen display and a 3,060 mAh battery.

Plus, it’s got a dual rear camera with those similar bokeh and AI scene detection features.

Tell ’em the price son!

No surprise we don’t have Aussie prices or availability yet:)