Any drone owner will know there are only so many times you can carry a drone around without being worried about bumping or breaking it. Plus, even if you find a great way to carry it, there’s all the extra bits and bobs you should be carrying around.  Thus, the rise of the accessories – the drone carry cases and bags.

I’ve looked at a couple of solutions before from Lowepro, a sling like case and a backpack.  This week Incase launched a new range of carry cases for a few types of drones including the larger and more portable.

Rather than putting in the obvious Phantom into the case, I wanted to test its flexibility.  So I grabbed the EHang Ghostdrone 2.0.  There’s a lot that comes with that so a worthy test.

Firstly, the standard layout didn’t work, but as the inserts are removable I was able to reconfigure it and the Ghostdrone sits comfortably.  For a $299 backpack you’d expect that right?

But once the drone is in, the real highlight was the ample storage around it.  I’ve been able to put in this bag everything that came in the box – the headset, the spare rotors, the toolkit and there’s plenty of room left.

What I liked was the fully removable back of the bag, from the top right down.  This made access so easy, plus there are side pockets where other devices could be stored.

Solid construction, good support for your drone – but not one for checked baggage – this is carry on if you’re flying, but perfect for both storing and carrying your drone around.

If you are editing and sharing on the go, the padded back of the bag also has space for a laptop which offers you really the complete solution.

If you’ve got a Mavic Pro, Incase also have the Side Pack ($129.95) which has specially molded foam in it, and the Sling Pack ($239.95) which is a smaller version of what I’ve described above.

Available now at selected retailers – the best place online looks like RushFaster